Cancellation of flights Southeast on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 February 2015

Winter Storm Neptune has caused cancellation of flights in the NE mainly in BOS,MHT, PVD, BDL, MHT.

Service to these cities will resume tomorrow morning.

In addition to Neptune, the next named winter storm Octavia will affect the middle of the country beginning tonight and into the Southeast on Monday and Tuesday.

There are no disruptions forecasted at this time but as you know these storms can be tricky to predict.

Please make sure that your packaging is adequate to protect against exposure to these conditons and also inform your customers that these conditions can cause disruptions to our normal service, potentially causing delays.

If you need additional information, please check Flight Status Information, contact your local cargo facility or Cargo Customer Care Center at (800) 533-1222.

16th Feb 2015 Juan Rodriguez

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